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Absence of Easements (Access)

In the event that there is a lack of pedestrian and/or vehicular easements/access and/or easements/access for services to your property there is a policy to provide cover to rectify this. The policy will pay damages or compensation awarded in any proceedings, including costs and expenses; sums paid with the written consent of the Insurer to purchase the easement or an [...]

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

10 Reasons to use an Insurance Broker Access to a wide variety of Insurers. The ability to assess a client’s demands and needs to ensure the policy is suitable. Able to negotiate with Insurers to agree the best price and policy terms. Can provide specialist advice on which policy is suitable. Can interpret policy wordings to ensure you are aware [...]

Research papers

Custom essay writing involves writing of research papers to be presented by scholars from various disciplines and levels of academia. This type of writing involves professional writers who have equitable knowledge, skills, and expertise in producing masterpieces. Custom essay writing is a mechanized activity since it calls for professionalism and sheer experience besides skill and knowledge. Part of custom essay [...]

Chancel Repair

Chancel repair liability is a legal obligation on some property/home owners in England and Wales to pay repairs to the Chancel in the local Parish Church. A Chancel repair liability policy provides cover if church authorities enforce a Chancel Repair Liability against you as owner of a property. The policy cover includes payment of sums which you become legally liable [...]