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We appreciate that as a Property owner, you will have made a large investment in your property and it is imperative that you have the Insurance cover you require to safeguard your investment.

No matter how many properties you own, we know it is vital that we work with you to make sure you have exactly the right protection to meet your needs.

Using our knowledge and expertise and listening to your requirements, we will use our flexible products to create the policy that’s right for you.

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Specialist Property Insurance Policies

By investing in specialist property insurance, you can be confident that you are protecting yourself and your property against the following risks:


Don't panic, you're insured?


A fire in your property often results in extensive damage or the property needing to be completely rebuilt. By arranging a policy with us, you can be confident that your property will be fully reinstated.


We're here to support you


A theft from your property can be both distressing and costly.
We are here to offer you the right advice and guidance to manage your claim from the start and negotiate with your Insurers.


Don't get left out in the cold


Unfortunately the UK’s weather is constantly changing leading to storm damage becoming a more common occurrence.
We will ensure that you have cover with an Insurer who acts quickly to secure your property and agree the cost of repairs.


Get the mess cleared up quickly


Flooding is becoming an all too familiar event in the UK resulting in life changing damage. We will appoint a loss adjuster who can act quickly, assessing the damage and arranging for repair works to be authorised and carried out.

Accidental Damage

We all make mistakes

Accidental Damage

Occaisionally accidents occur due to human error and this can result in you needing to make a claim. Not all policies include this but we can ensure that this cover is part of your Insurance policy.

Subsidence, Landslip and Ground heave

Is that just a surface crack?

Subsidence, Landslip and Ground heave

Movement of the land on which your property stands causing damage to the building generally results in a large claim. we will appoint a specialist loss adjuster arranged by your Insurer to manage your claim and guide you through the process.

Malicious damage by tenants

It wasn't my fault!

Malicious damage by tenants

Whether you seek your own tenants or use a Letting agent, it is important for malicious damage by tenants can be covered. We offer a policy which will include this cover as standard to give you peace of mind.

Property Owner Liability

Just in case ...

Property Owner Liability

As owner of the property you require cover for Liability to Third Party persons or property. We will arrange a policy which automatically includes this cover so your Insurers will deal with any liability claims on your behalf.

Directors and Officers

In the business of knowing why

Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers of Property management companies and Residents associations require cover in case they are held personally liable for actions or omissions made whilst performing duties for the company. We can offer protection for this eventuality.

Loss of rental income

No rental income, for how long?

Loss of rental income

If a claim occurs which results in your rental property becoming uninhabitable, we will ensure that your policy includes cover for your loss of rental income whilst your tenants cannot occupy the property.


It's great when it works


Passenger Lifts within a property have a legal requirement to be inspected every 6 months. We will arrange cover for these statutory inspections and for sudden and unforeseen damage to the lift should you require it.

Optional Terrorism cover

Is it a threat to your property?

Optional Terrorism cover

Terrorism is unfortunately now a risk in the UK and is also required by Mortgage companies/Lenders as part of their lending conditions. We can arrange cover that fulfils these requirements and offers you peace of mind should the worst happen.

 The Property Insurance Broker That Works For You

Let us take care of the small print

Not only are we here to arrange your Insurance, we start the process by assessing your demands and needs in order to present this information to the Insurance market. We negotiate premiums and policy terms with Insurers to ensure we are offering you the best possible terms.

If you need to change your policy throughout the year, we can provide you with advice and arrange any amendments to your cover that is particular to your circumstances.  Should a claim occur, we are here to guide you through the process and negotiate with Insurers to reach a swift settlement and all of this is done at no additional cost to you.

Contact us on 01752 349787 to speak with our Commercial Property Department to discuss how we can best assist you.

Commercial Landlord Responsibilities

As a Landlord of Commercial premises there are several laws in place which are there to ensure that commercial properties are safe places for people to work.


Fire Safety


In most cases the responsibility will fall on the tenant to take care of fire safety but this is dependent on the wording in the lease.
Make sure the lease clearly defines who is responsible for all aspects of fire safety.

Fixtures and Fittings


All fixtures and fittings need to be properly installed and safe to use. Some fittings, particularly electrical may require a safety certificate and you should make sure that the lease states whether you or your tenant are responsible for this.



Your lease should set out the terms of the maintenance and repair obligations. The person responsible for maintenance and repair will also be responsible for asbestos. If this is not set out in your lease, the responsibility may automatically fall back on you as Landlord/Owner of the property.

In the event that Asbestos is found on the premises, you will need to include this in any risk assessments as the penalties for not managing the risk of asbestos are severe.

Gas & Electricity


The Landlord’s responsibility is usually related to the general care of the wiring system and you should carry out an electrical safety check on a regular basis and keep the certificate if this is the case. The responsibility for the electrical appliances is usually spilt between the landlord and tenant/leaseholder and this will be set out in the lease.

In respect of gas appliances, most of the responsibility is with the tenant. Any gas appliances supplied by you , the landlord, will need to be safety-checked. Again this will need to be defined in the lease.

Make sure you are Insuring your property for the correct rebuild cost so you are not penalised for underinsurance in the event of a claim


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