Most Insurance policies specify timescales for claims.

We would urge you to report any loss to us or your insurers promptly to avoid any penalties associated with late notification.

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By arranging your policies through an Insurance Broker, you can be confident that we will help you and negotiate with your Insurers when a claim occurs and you have our support, knowledge and expertise at no additional cost to you.

Commercial and Residential Property Insurance Claims


CALL POLICE. If the loss or damage is caused by malicious persons or thieves, the details should be reported to the Police as soon as possible and a crime reference taken.


CALL US. Following an event or occurrence which may result in a claim you must notify ourselves or the Insurer immediately.

Once we have taken all of the claim details from you, we will contact your Insurers on your behalf to report the information and where necessary appoint loss adjusters.

We will guide you through the claims process, dealing with any queries you may have and consulting with your Insurers to arrange repairs/reinstatement of your property as quickly as possible.


GATHER DETAILS. Where possible, you should take photos and keep a detailed log of any damage.

If you feel the damage has been caused by someone else, ensure that you take their contact information


KEEP A RECORD. Should the loss require emergency repairs, you should keep a record of any works carried out and obtain written confirmation of the cause of the claim from any tradesman/contractor used.

Your claim is our priority

If, at any time, whilst making a claim, you are not satisfied with any aspect of your claim, please make us aware as soon as possible so that we can take the appropriate course of action.

We have a highly trained team of advisors to deal with claims for all policy types we arrange. We can guide you through the process and notify your insurers of the claim and appoint loss adjusters, where necessary.

Ensure that you have set your alarm if you have stated on your Insurance that you have one as failure to do this could void your claim.


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